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lieve excessive use of meat is injurious since it increases the materials out
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Of the symptoms pain is the most constant and troublesome. The
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These cases are not common but I have twice had opportunity of stuflving
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Localized sweating may be present. The mental condition rarely shows any
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up and gradually resume his usual diet and amuse him
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haps notices a clear drop at the meatus that the treat
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method has been tried and recommended in the surgery
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a journey of research in the tropics about a year ago.
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To avoid rapidity of absorption solutions too concen
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Report of the Progress of the General Sanitary Sciences
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this time for a thorough antiseptic unirritating and at
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neurotic constitution. In the etiology of hay fever then these three ele
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and the like may be desirable I believe that in nearly
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pends much upon the extent of involvement of the cervical nerve roots
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or on the addition of oxidizing substances becomes dark. In these cases
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force of the skilful finger are the Bluebeard of the un
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tient has no constitutional symptoms of tuberculosis
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especially should there be associated follicular tonsilli
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action which always follows produces little improve
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by compression or suture bleeding cervical lacerations
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Etiology. This may occur either as an acute or a chronic condition.
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cur in water. Thus merely raising to the boiling point
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muscular exertion are found to be important antecedents in a large num
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single diagnosis of influenza was made among children
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The shape of the heart is altered in hypertrophy with great enlarge
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jects of true angina have arterio sclerosis either general or localized at the
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discovery that one of the clerks of the Bereau of Vital
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alone indicated. The diet should consist of readily digested substances of
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ordinary adhesive plaster with about fifteen percent of
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goes on requires greater stimulation until such a de
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tion. Stiles states that no exact statistics have been published for this
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Essentials of anatomy and manual of practical dissection 294
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result of hereditary weakness of the arterial tissues who during a sudden
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is any fluid between them and the ulcer surface wheth
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in one instance cystic disease of the pancreas. Fat necrosis of the organ
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thought to be more disposed to acute dyspepsia than others. Acute catarrh
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far described unless the cirrhotic area is unusually extensive the case may
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the Presentation of the Portraits of Generals Grant
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body itself forms a nidus for the germ and we have to
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dulness while it makes its outlines less definable by palpation and if the
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cirrhosis of the lungs there may be sensations of distress in the cardiac
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eral symptoms. The initial nausea and vomiting persist the pulse be
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iarity with the subject on the abstract. By far the
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The interpretation of the results of laboratory exper

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