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superficial soil from which they are detached and trans

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wish to briefly call the attention of this society too

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always uses the galvano cautery three or four times at

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there may be seen under the microscope the bright angular particles of

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short history of the case to date with the intention to

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had enlarged tonsils quite free from inflammation and

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tion. As stated above immediately before the opera

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breast is not given at irregular intervals. We have

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ning sore in the eighth left intercostal space. This was freely opened

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want. Nearly all suffer more or less from anorexia and

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ready been considered under the section on valvular lesions. I would

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favor of this view is the large proportion of cases in neurotic women.

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ord which owed their origin to the presence of these

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rent for 8 minutes assuming that we let the current

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view to take of the matter and that the health interest

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nephrosis only the exploratory puncture could distinguish between the

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of the January meeting were read two applicants were

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was suppurative otitis. Frequently the ear symptoms

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enza should receive at least a cursory notice at my

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walls an extra neural condition you see so far as the

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tracts ataxia is at times a prominent symptom. It is usually unilateral or

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