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rupted and blurred. Writing becomes difficult on account of unsteadi

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conversation. She could hear well with her back to the

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from the second by the absence of the sensory changes characteristic of

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forms but to stand between them. The changes in the muscles which were

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single diagnosis of influenza was made among children

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gin of the right cornea this was regarded as a phlyc

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ditions more frequently associated with a systolic murmur in this region.

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case as the members will see I cut out a portion of the

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tip fastened to the opening of the syphon allows the

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neurotic temperament is discussed subsequently under the general head

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have kept this race pure as in Toru and Gambalagala

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that locomotor ataxia is ever completely cured. No such instance has

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pathetic has been specially studied. The nerve cells of the semilunar

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perfectly afebrile with no complications whatever. At

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of slight swelling of the thyroid dulness over the sternum with signs of

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sutures involving skin muscles and peritoneum. Pel

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without great enlargement of the tonsils proper. Chronic catarrh of the

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A gradual transition from the simple to a more severe affection to which

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ally associated with fatty or parenchymatous changes in the superficial

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ty. It is based upon the well known anaesthetic proper

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erate. Pulse 114 temperature rose gradually after the

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who should be punished. It is a crime against decency

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perhaps have to submit to so strict a rule of life in his

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Anomalies of the auriculo ventricular valves are not often met with.

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as occurs in emphysema or cirrhosis is followed by hypertrophy of the

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The first clear manifestation of the disease is the pellagral erythema which

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hand felt numbed. There had been no pain in the arm.

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munity from such attacks. For if by the pressure of the surrounding

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list were Arlt. Horner the elder Critchett Schweigger

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nately relapses easily occur when treatment is left off

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