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pends scurvy has gradually disappeared from the naval service. In the
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Jn not a few cases including a large proportion of neurasthenic women
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only restored to its original form by gradually removing
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proprius of the big toe are involved producing the slrppaae gait.
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the morbid action in the disease demanding our atten
union between these structures. The ligaments however may show an
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but by no means the only one. The peripheral sensory neurones may
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the patient s eyes being closed is not recognized owing to inappreciation
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observed that the effects were greater than could be at
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ear and brain should never be forgotten and the reflec
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the halt and the blind who for years have been pour
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It is absorbed in the stomach and intestine under the
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Haemorrhages are not infrequent thus epistaxis may occur and prove
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continuously passed and if the ova are to attain further development they
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anterior superior spine. Perforation adhesive peritonitis and the produc
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reduce the effusion but if necessary aspiration should repeatedly be
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are visiting the city in which he resides he will treat
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precedent which occurred at the close of the last cen
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but few movements the paralytic chorea of Todd. Occasionally a local
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covery i. e. his recovery must have dated from Sep
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ingitis of the brain. It was described first by Yirchow and is localized
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lobelia amber the bromides and iodides chloral opium
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tion of the formatio reticularis that lies between them and the fasciculus
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being that at which the patient experiences the physiological effect. As
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rian regions extending to the uterus and down the in
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tremely common at the base particularly at the second left costal cartilage
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injected twice a day of the following solution Menthol 10 parts guaia
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ash is added. If aceton be present in the urine when

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