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ly administered I shall hold that the perineum is under

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been manipulated by a midwife or other attendant we

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litz and Tarwater. The physicians of this country are

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causing total hemiplegia to the supramarginal and angular gyri giving

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fill friction with sweet oil is very advantageous and if properly performed

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disease they are for a time all but indispensable. In

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The anatomical changes are not unlike those of nrwmia. When the

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manner and apparently in spite of all precautions that

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joints may be swollen tender and slightly red particularly when knocked.

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of what we may call physical education the heart has strengthened its

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rapidity of the pulse and respiration during the suspen

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lower teeth. A patient wearing this apparatus can eatf

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and even bodily vigor. Certain of the most distinguished members of our

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is then extinct or is in a condition to break out again.

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symptoms of traumatic neurosis developed particularly great depression

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