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pear under the use of borax alum and other domestic

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When epidemics are prevailing in cattle the milk should be boiled

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the chief danger lies in the mechanical pressure where

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decomposition in the fa gt ees and interfere with the assimilation of the

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eyes and shortness of breath are the most important diagnostic points.

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practice to be cultivated by all persons in good health.

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characteristic xlrji xn r gait seen in so many forms of peripheral neuritis.

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eral veins. On palpation the characteristic water hammer or Corrigan

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occurs in the jugulars when there is tricuspid incompetence.

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regions and is usually met with in connection with tuberculous lesions else

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picion is aroused that it may be more than simple catarrh. The absence

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perature increased and death may occur. The epileptic seizures are more

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these parts are presided over by the vagi and vomiting is induced through

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ing of their authors but also on account of the intrinsic

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posterior mediastinum or the bronchial group or those of the anterior

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symptom and may be very distressing. Paroxysms of asthma may develop

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hardness. In advanced cases they may be represented by stiff calcified

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toxic varietv the constitutional disturbance is very profound

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infarcts in the myocardium in the form of abscesses varying in size from

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recommended. Some of these cases obtain relief from thorough irrigation

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is the earliest symptom. Epistaxis has occasionally been noted but not so

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nal vessels the temperature and the pulse rapidly de

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culous troubles with the skin and lymphatic glands.

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latter case the patient often passes rapidly beyond treatment though there

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eye passing the finger gently over the surface imparts

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insomnia with headache in growing children and those

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sometimes they look normal. The convolutions are atrophied firm and

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remarkable appearance being converted into a series of large vesicles on

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dren are more commonly attacked than grown persons and the disease

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and being on her left side after attaching a tape to the

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the kidneys and which serve to carry olf a considerable proportion of the

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The morbid anatomy is interesting. Yirchow s view that the delicate

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There are cases of cerebral syphilis which closely simulate dementia para

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the best and oldest proprietary cough lozenges on the

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