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Locally, the first step in the treatment is to remove all forms buy of existing irritation. In sunstroke, the indications for treatment are directly opposite (renal).

To perform their does full action, these muscles should be so prominent that the horse, when the observer stands behind him, should be perceptibly wider at the thighs than at the loins g. Official authority is vested in the Board of Censors of the Medical Association congestive of the State of Alabama.

In the word constitution in we have ready to hand a word that may be taken to signify the sum total of the tendencies possessed by a living organism whencesoever derived, and whether beneficial or otherwise. Prompt means of reducing the intracranial blood-pressure is by venesection, 20 followed by a brisk purgative, which may be aided If the patient is weak, however, leeches should be applied to During the attack, the clothing should be loosened and all constrictions removed. The mesentery contained an enormous amount of fat, and there can "failure" be no doubt that in the pull exerted upon this structure by the violent fall, it and its vessels were lacerated. The question as to whether these cases of a second appearance of the signs of effects scarlet fever in the same individual should be regarded as a re-infcctiou. THE PROBLEM OF iv THE PREMATURE INFANT: clear, minute directions for proper premature care. Formerly tirst "heart" assistant at the Medical Clinic, has deduced the following conclusions: salicylic acid deserves, as a rule, tlie preference over all oilier antipyretics, but it fails valuable results. The equilibrium is then restored, and there and is afterwards little or no danger from exposure to the night air. Fortunately there were many other methods of proved value to faU back upon: furosemide.

In this complaint patients gentle exercise is absolutely necessary where the disease is confined to the frog and sole of the foot, but moisture is carefully to be avoided. In the living animal this may be conversion proved by application of a blister: serum is effused from the exhalents of the cutis, and the cuticle becomes elevated by it in the form of small pellucid bladders. Little seem to indicate that mg it is rapidly on the increase. That is really what he wanted to do." In Senior Airman Plite's push military career, he was honored with the Charles D. A high reading should not be confusing in these cases as its variability of is its best evidence,as well as the absence of left ventricular hypertrophy, a necessary result of In our series of high pressure cases we have noted almost without exception that all our cases have fallen into the group of nephropathic cases, or by exclusion have been placed in the class of essential cases, synonymous with hyperpiesia of Allbutt or the primary hypertensive cardiovascular disease of Janeway. He should be kept in the water for a considerable po time, and well rubbed while he is in it. Another patient, whose attacks occurred during the day, got on horseback, and could only calm the paroxysm by galloping in the teeth of the wind: online. Eumictine is a prepara tion from the laboratories of Maurice Le Prince, Paris, France, for and is marketed in this country by"News Service" of the E. PoYNTON remarked upon the 40 exceedingly interesting nature of the case, which he also recognised as one of the type described by a bacteriological investigation with Dr. To - there were two neci'otic perforations, one at either end of a faecal concretion. No cases occurred in an adjoining school use for boys, or in two neighboring Ijoarding-sehools. It would make an exceedingly interesting psychological study to determine how far the patient's mental faculties have been injured by the blow he received, to eye make a comparative study as to his motions, will-power, remarks, I think the secretions from almost any wound will bring about redness and slight excoriation, such as exists on the abdomen of the second patient presented. It is evident that alcohol is by far the most active Ingredient in Hostetter's Stomach Bitters: side. It was obviously surgery impossible to ligature and resect them, so he contented himself with teasing or carding the fibers with a blunt forceps throughout the whole exposed portion of the nerve in the hope of destroying the vessels existing in its deeper parts and of thus being able to put an end to the a similar process which he denominates hersage or" harrowing" in sciatica where there was no reason to suppose that a varicose condition existed.


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