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level particularly in women with the mitral insufficiency. It is found

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stroyed. These alterations consist of atrophic bands

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In this form of ulcer the general disturbance of the

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with respiration already referred to a mass may descend 3 or 4 inches

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sooner however was this volume of fluid removed than the stomach began

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it becomes exhausted. It is obvious that the heart in valvular disease has

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Rundschau writes briefly yet comprehensively on this

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to say. The various disturbances of sensation are described under the car

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dysentery is decidedly rebellious to all the usual modes

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first that these foci might undergo malignant change

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be allowed to remain for two or three weeks when heal

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large numbers and with all the insignia of mourning

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he struck a light against his trousers. The wearing ap

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the usual manner appointed for the crime of parricide

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tion in the mode of living. This intermittent course may continue for

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during or at the end of the first 24 hours after opera

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kidney. On the left side an enlarged spleen is readily distinguished as

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a woman loud and many in the upper story of a house

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the combination of morphia gr. J with cocaine and belladonna is recom

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other case of fever of suspicious character is reported

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years and to be in great pecuniary distress. An appeal

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or irregular intervals throughout a period of many years.

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takes place into the lung and fragments of the cysts or small daughter

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thinner than that of the left rarely exceeding 2 mm. in diameter. The

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There is an acute cholecystitis probably an infective form in which

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least it is due to the obstructed breathing in connection with adenoid

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gland was drawn up with forceps and fastened by three stitches to the

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hypertrophy in the adult not infrequently in the fo tus. 4 Chronic

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the wall into the interior of the room. To the extrem

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difficult work and one in which there is great liability

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In considering the different antiseptics in use it is

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volvement is evident. When the trouble begins in the deeper groups

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frequent cause b Tubercle c The infectious pyelitis which develops

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nounced slowly and separately or the individual syllables may be accentu

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comes from the lacerated meningeal vessels sometimes from the torn si

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large proportions such as result from the burning of

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fail to appear if not the first then the second night and

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pology Florence President of the Italian Society of

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sulphurous acid or sulphites 2 contained borax and 5

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is painful. The snbmaxillary lymph glands are enlarged. An exanthem

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trophy associated with neurotic palpitation from tobacco or other causes

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The following brief summary of the conditions which justify a favor

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If the patient objects to this it may be substituted

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which present the characters of a progressive and pernicious anremia and

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the atrophy of the whole muscular system and the re

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historical interest I give Bowditeh s conclusions concerning aspiration

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therefore in these 75 cases we have to find the proof of

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tients get through without any after treatment at all

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quired a one twelfth oil immersion lens answering in a

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not infrfqui ntlv involve the filaments of the eauda equina. and some of

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Herpes is sometimes associated with facial paralysis. Pain is not common

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word is now likely to be defined judicially. The plain

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Definition. A chronic affection of the brain and cord characterized

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cases great risk. Some of the severest cases of bronchitis which 1 have

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ambiguity of the medical expert. It has come to be ac

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cramps is to be found in a peculiar neuroses manifest

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the Clinical Society of London in which a medical student while on a

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treatment especially in youth the evil consequences of

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which even the most skilful hand may fail to introduce

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is less dry and the tongue is clean then I give iron in

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heavy drinker. The absence of all known etiological factors is a remark

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called the transitional variety and in both regions the same conical fusi

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bottom of the wound was scraped and then cleansed by

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have now been successfully operated upon for the recurring bleeding. The

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