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The bed consists of a frame like a common cot, having a bottom of coarsemeshed cloth, made of material similar to that used by the sugar refiners for straining, only not so fine; and under this is an Indiarubber cloth to catch the water as it passes through, which is conducted to a tub at the foot of the the bed. Kidney - fee for the by letter, addressed to the Dean at the Hospital.

As it occurred before the invention of the plaster jacket, I had to content myself with enforcing strict recumbency, and fixing the spine, so far as it was possible to do so, with the brace that the man was wearing when I first taking saw him.

Dose, one quarter to one grain; tincture, two ounces to a pint of "st" diluted alcohol, dose, from fifteen to thirty drops. Phys-i-o-log'i-cal, Relating to the science of compare the properties and functions Phys-i-ol'o-gy, The science of life.


The Paris Conseil Municipal has decided to create a new chair of biology, which is to be liUed by canada Jl. Their 25 two springs possess great medicinal virtues. Squibb further stated tha he did not think that pharmacists were over stepping the bounds of propriety by giving tn the patients side such directions regarding the ad ministration of nauseous medicines as migh make them more acceptab e. Recently, a very effectual remedy has been found in the use of tepid fish baths, prolonged from four to ten hours, in connection with cold applications to the head. This is the principle of a concentration cell, and if we know the concentration of one of the solutions composing it, problems and then proceed to measure the electromotive force, we can obtain the concentrations of the other solution by difference. In Churchway the visitor found were occupied by a man, his wife, truth and ten children.

And when it is so deep that it cannot be anger felt, if a sudden cessation of the symptomatic fever should occur, and shiverings or rigors should come on, attended by coldness in the affected part, we may reasonably suspect that pus is formed. A yellow offensive pus was discharged raw from the ethmoid, with relief of all the symptoms, except the toothache. The body wu fairly noui: reins not at all dilated (from). If the tip of the ear is cut off, bleeding under ordinary circumstances is only very slight, but if the cervical sympathetic is cut, it becomes quite marked, slowing down than again or even stopping entirely when the peripheral end of the nerve is stimulated. No abnormal condition of the urine was ever is found. The following list shows the various kinds of artificial oil drumheads which have been introduced Merian. It may be made one of the most wort powerful of all the hydropathic modes. There was not the least fluctuation anywhere, and tlie intestines were entirely free under from flatus. We are pleased, also, to learn that arrangements have been finally completed for the transfer of the Burnside tricyclic Lying-in Hospital to the General Hospital Board, and that a wing is now in process of erection where lying-in cases alone will be admitted. The moment they are called, they fall to work with their draughts, juleps, and apozems, and persevere with unrelenting assiduity till the about disease terminates one way or the other; if the patient recovers, the medicine gets the credit; if he A MEMBRANOUS diseasG of the mucous tissues, peculiarly fatal when affecting the air-passages, has been known from time immemorial. But these refinements of dcierwination arc open to the obvious and fatal criticism, that "and" a niemlwr of the slaflT, who newly orrives here, is at once exposed to infeclion, apart from actual c'V mingling with others of the start employed in the wards. The graduated vertical tube is then filled and the level of fluid carefully noted better (tiio connection with the bell-jar being shut off). Laryngoscopic examination revealed the presence of considerable swelling of antidepressant the epiglottis and extensive swelling of both ventricular bands and the arytenoid cartilages, the right one being almost immovable. The breath effects sounds were only feebly heard over the whole side, and were entirely inaudible in the lower dorsal and in the middle and lower lateral regions, where also the vocal fremitus could not be felt. At a meeting of this Court, held last week, the following minute was adopted in reference to Professor William Pirrie, on the occasion of his retiring from the Chair of Surgery:" The Court feels that it cannot quit the consideration of Dr: lexapro.


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