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In this remarkable affection the shafts of the long bones are chiefly

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doubt upon published results. Several tables of meas

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legs a little bit until the haemorrhages ceases entirely

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of hypnotism public seances of hypnotism and magnet

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the very details are omitted by reputable family papers

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apt to injure themselves. Scoliosis also may be present in these cases.

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associated with irritability of the prostate and in certain cases with super

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last some years. Cases have been reported in this country by Ilornaday

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smooth md po nbly vitliout ulceration or erosion except in the dependent

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may shock its mother and friends by constantly using the word damn

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There is a remarkable muscular relaxation which enables the joints to

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yet one whose value does not seem generally appreci

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ovary and tube still gave her trouble although they

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of great distress. A slow pulse is less frequent. Pains about the heart

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The breaking or rupture of cardiac compensation may be induced by

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physicians deposing as experts on the witness stand but

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side as recommended by Bowles. This procedure also lessens the liability

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was the first child and was a lew paroxysmal drunkard

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Naegel says that 70 out of every 100 vertex presenta

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quires to be increased faster than that of any other such

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not limited so completely to the menstrual epoch and

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The symptoms at first arc slight and moderate doses may be taken for

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Psychical disturbances are common though in a majority of the cases

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free while the middle finger is less limited than the

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In the second case an English operator removed both

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neurones are organically connected with one another is still in dispute. The

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Etiology. This is obscure. Kahlcr Marie and others assign great

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yet so correlated by references that the student will

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degree the pulse fell from 110 to 100 and the respira

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from ignorance of the fact that in certain instances the percussion note

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or puckering on the peritonamm occur sometimes with union of the eoils

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