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and urine are intimately mixed. Clots are more commonly found in the

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It will be asked whether a physician should prepare

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aortic insudicienev in whose retina there were no signs other than the

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Before closing this paper let me say that I have al

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And lastly when hemiplegia has persisted for more than three months

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center wherein the disease appears to be located. It is

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tal manifestations. And this is in accord with all other

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statements have been and are still being made by in

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sons who have not presented any features of cardiac disease.

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doubted that this means of diagnosis will afford most

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ous animals the orator proceeded to make the cheering

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ment of the general physical and mental condition of the patient. The

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also in puerperal fever and other septic processes and has occasionally

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surdum that quinine being good for malaria is good for

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lish the following case in view of the fact that since my

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certain whether he had any discharge on the day fol

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the reduction of excessive high temperature. The gen

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of temperature. I have seen instances however in which without appar

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belongs to typhoid fever and instances of this disease occurring in moun

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of the tissue around it. This manipulation reveals the

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ing and diarrhoea. rapid action of the heart and great throbbing of the

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This is essentially an inflammation of the terminal bronchus and the

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the kidney which one can just touch on deep inspiration palpable kidney

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that while ereasote will not cure all cases of eonsump

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mimicry by the patient of everything he sees or hears.

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and is usually termed pruritus senilis. We have another

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called the transitional variety and in both regions the same conical fusi

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nurses. So far as I am aware this is the first instance

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