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cian must go upon the witness stand regret it however

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charge that in one or two of the cases the local treat

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ders with pain and discomfort in the restlessness of

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peated that there were no laws regulating the propaga

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place they include direct examination of its interior

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festation of tabes and in tumors involving the outer fibres of each tract.

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sion. The exploratory needle should be freely used.

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id exhaustion neuralgic pains and teudency to melan

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interruption with the production of paraplegia usually of the spastic type

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ative processes and allowing it to gradually cool in

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adjusted bed urinal or the use of antiseptic cotton wool repeatedly changed.

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are celebrated for their fecundity and it is stated that

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The taste of quinine is disguised by coffee chocolate

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Hcematoporphyrin occasionally occurs in the urine. It was first recog

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scribed by Huntington of Poineroy Ohio at the time a practitioner on

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shows an internal layer grayish in color shreddy and made up of necrotic

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stomach or about the heart. The peripheral sensations preceding the fit

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so as to increase their power of warehousing carbohydrates.

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on by the slightest exposure to cold or in consequence of disturbances either

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measuring a meter in length breadth and height con

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neous injection into the perineum gr. 1 40 to 1 6 has

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fant. Infantile diarrhcea is very prevalent among the poorer classes in the

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the sensory cerebral nerves. These ganglion cells have a special form

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of the golden calf. Marion Sims did it pretty well un

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carditis because the modes of onset are so varied and the symptoms so

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use it is liable to produce ill effects as disorder of the

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used to give the drv flavor which damages the liver.

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and a half inches acompanied by bleeding great pain

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eral Curvature before the Orthopaedic Section of the

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on egg albumen broths and beef juices. To prepare the egg albumen the

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they are most difficult to treat. Most of them are in

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resorted to artificial respiration. He had administered an

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ward of the bones with distention of the synovial sheaths so that there

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double the amount was injected on the following day.

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