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Since on account of the uncertainty of diagnosis it is
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abscess formation is extremely frequent in the deglutition and aspiration
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Training School and for the Dispensary. It is a hand
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children and leads to hemiatrophy of the muscles along with stunted growth
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April 30 a boy set. 7 years was brought to him with
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the contagious diseases which principally affect children we lind that a
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story a distance of about 25 feet falling across an iron
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powers the germicidal influence exerted being said to
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tion at the point of fracture of the right descending
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horns are atrophied or in places have entirely disappeared the neuroglia
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teflexed in the supra vaginal portion and jretroverted.
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Even when there are physical signs of cavity tubercle bacillus are not
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totion. It conduces to masturbation and adds to the

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