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live a sedentary life to partake of a full meal shortly be

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mation of my prognosis is only a question of time.

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prominent calcified plate in the aorta and hypertrophy associated with

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cal man will be allowed to practice in France unless he

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complained of getting no rest at night as he desired to

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tained by their use have been persistent and they have

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the thing because for scores of years this same treat

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sent to the shops. Each part extended over the curve

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be placed in positions of hyperextension and hyperflexion. It gives some

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ment a few men were devising a means of relief by elec

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Morbid Anatomy. When death has occurred from the haemate

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to check the haemorrhage by administering medicines by the mouth as

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Professor of Laryngology and Diseases of the Chest in the St. Louis

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sedative may occasionally be necessary especially at the beginning of the

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involve charges of unprofessional or dishonorable con

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ence we give to the perineum. In other words we have

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the action of salicylate of sodium in cases of chorea.

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knowledged masters of sculpture in Italy. The Lancet.

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