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The patient began taking buttermilk two quarts a day.

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Of their methods might prove interesting. The speaker

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years than you will at present it is that you should not

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spiration arc more frequent but less full than during expiration. This is

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cystitis in old subjects in two of which the operation

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viz free incision and antiseptics. There may be some

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physical signs are more local and there is not the widespread diffuse catarrh

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physis and lacerating the surrounding soft parts as

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gury cystis and nephritis caused by cantharides have

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the granulations are easily overlooked in a superficial examination.

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and produce exfoliation of the superficial parts of the

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the reader. The illustrations are numerous and well

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cicatricial tissue formed in the surrounding tissues pre

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and the conditions persist which lead to its development. The mortality

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Tenesmus is more common with the passage of mucus and blood. The

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have been ever since. I gave four treatments during

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braces a certain number of the cases of llanofs hypertrophic cirrhosis.

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cerebral apoplexy which has produced hemiplegia lesion of the motor area

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the pioscope experiments proved quite satisfactory.

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should be as hot as can comfortably be borne 115 to

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The presence of a leucocytosis is the most important feature in all forms

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cirrhosis. This form has also been seen in the stomach secondary to cancer

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upon the aorta there 1 is usually a marked degree of pulsation sometimes

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which he bases his conclusion that ether was responsi

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tube casts a large surface should be examined with a tolerably low power

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volume containing all that is latest and best in the ap

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mine the occurrence of specific deposit. A fifth source

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children. The fibrosis extends from the bronchi which are usually found

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skin over the abdomen upper thigh and gluteal in the

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Our readers will no doubt recall the flattering notes

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been found. Atrophv of the convolutions chronic meningo encephalitis

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that the abscesses are always located at the end of the

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blood cell causes a change in it by which the hsemo

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the right nares and passed a long narrow cautery knife

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also along the left sternal margin is not uncommon in amvmic en

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being given in the belief that they undergo a change in

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subsequently there are changes in color either areas of pigmentation or of

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ing intra arterial disease and if the pressure signs are

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tian as well. He overlooks the fact demonstrated by

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considered competent to practice until he can give evi

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Dr. Chittick did not agree with this being an individ

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inguinal operation gave a mortality of over 50. These

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is not however nearly so constant a symptom in chronic gastritis as in

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attacks one case for nearly three and the other for fully eight years.

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deal she passed through without an unfavorable symp

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in the course of three weeks without result but when he

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Etiology. All the typical cases have occurred in family groups a

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in quite large doses which promote nausea anorexia

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try to disinfect the intestinal tract as possibly a source

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began gradually after attacks of dyspepsia with colic simulating somewhat

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senile and the cirrhotic liver the u sophageal veins may he enormously

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not alwavs clear. Two factors usually prevail in extreme cases increased

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in the rectum when the point is exactly in the pars

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extreme prostration collapse restlessness and in severe cases by delirium.

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