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diarrhoea and flakes of yellowish brown mucus. Microscopically there

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aggravated by cough. At this early stage on auscultation sometimes in

can you take phenergan while you are pregnant

no toxic features. Adams reports a case of recovery after nineteen days of

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tween thirty and forty were embedded in the thickened pleural membranes

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tion of styrone contained no bacteria. It had an in

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in a wide range of cases both of short duration and of

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process and the alveolar walls are stretched but not atrophied. I lti

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aemic phlebitis could therefore not be charged to the

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E. B. Davis 13 Birmingham England refers to a large

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standing is very characteristic. The legs are far apart the shoulders thrown

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tion. For this purpose a bougie is constructed through

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it is serviceablejjin lessening the increase of micro or

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meat is allowed it must be well done as cooking de

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the patient was punctured seventeen times without suf

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may require a careful and prolonged search to avoid overlooking such

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eyes open the pupils contracted and the fonlanelle depressed. In the

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Uncompressible drainage tubes have not proved a suc

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closely resemble trichiniasis. The epidemic in 1ST on board the training

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Inoculation of the lower animals with pleural exudates

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frequently they are of both. They may be slight and

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cases of chorea or 6. Of these 121 cases 46 were boys

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the days of Mephibosheth parents have been inclined to attribute this form

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considerable time. As I have said before heat seems

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develops about the parasite. Two occasionally three or four worms may

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begin at the third rib or in the second interspace and transversely may

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for six minutes the contractions of the auricles and ven

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and perform ordinary work. I know tabetics who have for years conducted

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separates into a thick granular layer below and a thin mucoid intervening

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proved by Dr. Prudden s and other laboratory experi

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where the necessary assistants are not at hand it may

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which be claims excellent results. Four parts of a so

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the etiological factors are very different. Hysterical contractures an usually

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Hiccough. Here may perhaps best be considered this remarkable symp

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as the combination of dyspepsia gastralgic attacks and luvmatemesis is

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