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Golly. The affection may prove fatal and as no well defined anatomical

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striking. Such an active hypencmia is never visible post mortem. The

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In reading of these strange preferences we may smile

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itching does not usually return for several days after

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matter no attention that such pressure as has been de

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The primary growths of the lung are either encephaloid scirrhus or

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the difficulty of securing relief the rapid and decided

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widespread infection of this membrane. The onset is usually sudden the

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Mayo Eobson Riedel Kehr. and in this country Keen Fenger Murphy

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time with no relief. Touching the posterior extremities

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good light the face may suggest argyria. Pigmentation of an advanced

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swollen and everted turgidity of the glans and great

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payable. On the basis of this decision the doctor can

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lary twitchings. The atrophy is usually marked and the mucous niemhrane

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nate fatally or m iy be followed by the symptoms of chronic ulcer.

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In every instance a careful examination should be made particularly of

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comes in contact with as well as all the secretions. The

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to the ounce. This is used with an atomizer every two

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our offices with samples try to induce us to use them

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markable results to this simple procedure. Carter B

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de Paris March 9 1890 the questions as to the efficacy

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After a violent shock the crises frequently are a com

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toward the periphery of the focus the alveolar exudation becomes less. The

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Charcot in Paris in Jan. 1889. In this country Morton

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liability to rheumatic or catarrhal affections origin of the valvular lesion

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proving the existence of a monster with at least two

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seen a case of intoxication follow its employment. He

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relief is experienced from the hot bath and from fomentations in the region

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Diagnosis. In the diagnosis of the condition the family tendency

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are almost perpendicular in direction. In the cervical

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