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rowed. Although these vessels have been shown by Martin and Sedgwick

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is inserted the uterus should be emptied of its con

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donna mercury ergot and the iodides occasionally are followed by a

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as the white meats fish etc. are especially to be rec

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Prognosis. The outlook in affections of the myocardium is extreme

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especially if the original causes of irritation are strictly

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Dietetic. The old authors laid great stress upon regimen in epilepsy.

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physician called and patient calling him is not to war

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they are most difficult to treat. Most of them are in

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symptoms coincident with a rapid disappearance or improvement of the

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seventy competitors and the unanimous opinion of the

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without the presence of bacilli I have convinced myself by the examina

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to the production of extractive matters which tend to

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Febrile symptoms are best met by antipyrin in 10 grain

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motest time in these cases. I might fill pages with the

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obstructions. That belongs to the realm of the special

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clot which organized. Four months later the patient had improved and

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institute of similar name an interesting account of

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Symptoms. The symptoms of suppurative cholangitis are usually

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hand matter that is easily digestible is not necessarily

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case in charge it will oftentimes be found that many of

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of pleuresy with effusion in private practice of which

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sional Turkish bath with active shampooing is very advantageous. The

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it is of sufficient interest to at least receive comment

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