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malarial renown is said to have reached the age of 86
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Of parasites the echinococcus and the cysticercus occasionally occur in
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rather dependence of diseases of the middle ear upon
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lin advocated an application or a re application of the
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stomach may be washed with alkaline solutions or solutions of nitrate of
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such effect is in reality produced. When ingested dur
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hy no means specific and are chielly those associated with haemorrhage.
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bility of the sigmoid flexure and laxity of the skin re
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The streptococcus infection is the most virulent. Probably too much stress
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tense never goes on to suppuration. With the subsidence of the swelling
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a mistaken diagnosis. A slight grade of mobility of the organ is found
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toneum but extended just to its reflexion The inner
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admitted to a written examination for license to prac
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under my observation and I have never found any in
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noea. These are often associated with impaired nutrition particularly

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