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instructions as to the choice of various agents which

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result of fracture. Inflammation of the external layer of the dura is rare.

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on the kidneys has been much overrated. Formad has directed attention

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soft clean pantry towel dipped in hot water and gent

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ical men and points out the possible result of thought

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of cholesteatoma of the floor of the third ventricle in which the symptoms

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The parasites are also found in the kidneys and ureters. Cases of this

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ease and with a greatly decreased mortality. Recall

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may prove to be of value in combination with the bro

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thetic. That opinion is formed from the doctor s ac

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good men are becoming more and more rare at our med

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cles leading to asthenopic lack of accommodation. Drooping of one eyelid

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garded as pathognomonic of the disease. The special senses are usually

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confidence in. But dealing specially with the subject

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