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The mathematician can easily convince his pupil that
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what are lioresal tablets used for
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occasionally is permanent. These however are only a
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gland do. ely adhere to the pulmonary veins through the walls of which
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The common law rule is that everyone who enters in
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the ligature and three or four sharp rotations of the
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For the last two years intubation has been mi fait in
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lower the blood pressure. By far the most important measure is absolute
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ally in from eight to ten. When the reaction of degeneration is present
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His experiment was that of opening a difficult com
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drawn that when there is persistent hsematuria which
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ventilation and prolonged damp cold weather seem to be special predis
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nurious man who had died under his care. He charged
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In acute mania in delirium tremcns in chorea insaniens in the mani
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intercostal space into the pericardium and lacerated
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tried. The patients as a rule stand the anaesthetic badly death on the
what is mylan-baclofen 10 mg used for
afava both admitted the truth and pertinence of Laver
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paralysis of the insane may begin with symptoms of spastic paraplegia and
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have found a safe analgesic that is cheaper than antipy
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elements between the nerve bundles. The nerve fibres themselves may not
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cells notably of the parietal region. This is character
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The disease he says is of greater gravity than is gener
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and that too without giving him an opportunity to re
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The primary growths of the lung are either encephaloid scirrhus or
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any overindulgence in eating or in drinking is still liable to be followed
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are positive indications of pelvic trouble of primary or
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ease becomes recognized and if the case be such that
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may be employed at the maximum dose of three grains
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by the absence of tinnitus or evidences of disturbance in the function of
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also adneural. These deposits are to be found in groups
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ordinary means i. e. friction over the uterus irritation
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pended hereto reciting the action taken in regard to
is baclofen generic for soma
ease sets in abruptly with vomiting griping pains and fever which may rise
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den s estimate of the want of value of sulphurous disin
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the mucosa. In cases of imagination hernia tuberculous or cancerous ul
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Its effect being markedly favorable the quantity was
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Within the pelvis the nerves may he compressed hy large ovarian nr uterine
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the first two weeks of the patient s convalescence were
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vogue should be read by all who desire to keep posted
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we wish to preserve its strengtn as oxygen is then given
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of irritating substances. The spasm often causes pain in the region of the
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it by this means the curds of caseine which are always
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vomiting of pregnancy is very common and almost nor
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bar and hypochondriac regions. There was no abrasion
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