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of human chattel slavery in the South a generation or

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ease in which the symptoms of rheumatism endocardial

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by the medical profession and by the people blind con

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The histological changes in the aspiration or deglutition broncho pneu

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tremely volatile substance. It would be interesting if

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sufficient to secure a falling temperature if the trouble

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diseases incident to childhood. It may be noted in contrast to this that

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reviews of the parts gone over. I would have the lect

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movements in which case the interpretation of the symptoms may be ren

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in cerebral or other affections. Willis in 1074 first recognized the distinc

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never seen any adverse influence. As regards the hypo

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distinctive as it can be obtained whenever there is much liquid and air

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tation of the stomach particularly after the organ has been washed out.

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ous disinfection for the purposes for which it is appli

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