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and combined in 2 cases. The streptococcus occurred 5 times uncom
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cially of opposite eye at t on left side word blindness.
levofloxacin dosing in hemodialysis
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patient had gained twelve pounds in weight. An item
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attack varies much in different cases. When the restitution is partial it is
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this was shortly increased to ten drops three times
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one of the most important of the congenital cardiac affections. The valve
levaquin dosage complicated uti
may occur as rather a chronic interstitial inflammation or in the form of
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ated umbilical vessel. There may be produced about the navel a large
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tion that the prospect of relief alluded to above was
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Lemoine has treated 54 cases of dysentery by enema
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bed in the recumbent posture and mental as well as bodily quiet enjoined.
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and his student Peters showed that there was an enormous increase in the
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ployed a number of medical men to discover if possi
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tumor is evident at the pylorus. The resistance of a dilated stomach is
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fitted up in connection with his study a completely
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Dissolve one part of boric acid in 24 parts of glycerin
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At first I am accustomed to place one electrode over
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The macroscopical changes are Increase in the cerebro spinal fluid
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extremities and the trunk. Madame Dejerine Klumpke recognizes the
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ncea with lividity blood should be freely let. Saline cathartics are also
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So long as such utterances came only from the illiter
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seen it in two Maryland families within the past few years. Under the
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absurd to notice the masterpieces of reasoning with
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sylvania Physician to St. Agnes Hospital and to the
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Magendie through which the ventricles communicate with the cerebro
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application of tests and the detection of the various
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in the anterior wall of the rectum which made it prob
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cerebral artery the hemiplegia is usually associated with aphasia. In throm

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