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If in such cases there be a frequency of pulse, and fixed pain or tenderness, a full bleeding, followed by an opiate, seems the best mode of treatment, the mildest means being afterwards generally sufficient to move the bowels. Northwestern Univ Med Sch (Chicago Asst Surg Bay Shore Sanitarium and Hosp; Sec anxiety Surgical Comimiittee; Member Am Med Assn, Wis (Mich) Med Soes; Med Examr N lY Life, Mint. Each case should be studied buy by itself, and the author prefers dietetic management to the use of laxatives. It has certainly been such in my hands. Kneeling over him, his HMD shows a high-fidelity "cost" image of the battle wounds for which he is training. At a later stage a new xl growth of fibrous tissue is found in the periphery of the infarct which ultimately may entirely replace the dead fibres.

"As the particles were found in fossil andsihcified wood, they were next sought for in inorganic substances, and were at once obtained merely by bruising a small splinter of window-glass upon the stage of the microscope. The second case is interesting from the fact that the thyroid is one of the organs that is included in the sugar regulating apparatus: la. Med lAssns and FillmoreHouston Cos Med Soc; of Cincinnati and Northwestern Life Ins Cos, A O The Physician makes HEALTH to order for the Human Race "effects" WIIM.-iTiiM It i inn-. These are, acute peritonitis, presenting the usual symptoms, and another form, in which the symptoms are more insidious, and accompanied from an early period, by great prostration of strength, and fever of a typhoid Chronic peritonitis Dr. In the angina produced by the propagation of the variolous inflammation into the larynx and trachea, and which often proves fatal, he also particularly commends the alum sufflation. Einging in the ears, with dizziness, for is not uncommon. Sometimes the thoracic The ascending and transverse portions of the arch are not infrequently involved "generic" together, usually without the branches; the tumor grows upward, to the left and backward, and often erodes the vertebrse from the third to the sixth dorsal, causing great pain and sometimes compression of the spinal externally in the region of the scapula, and here attain an enormous size. Diagnosis was made of vs ileus with beginning peritonitis. This meeting was held under the auspices of the Section Whereas, It is clearly shown that there is a wide divergence of opinion among physicians, hospital authorities, and nurses concerning the education and training of nurses and also concerning their duties, responsibilities, and status, and Whereas, The present system makes the training school also the nursing staff of the hospital, and therefore a peculiarly important factor in hospital administration, and the center of many interests other than educational, thereby causing confusion as to the purposes and inderal functions of the school, and Whereas, It is of the highest public importance that the education of this large and necessary body of public servants be properly conducted, and that, for the public good, conditions be removed which are destructive of harmonious and efficient co-operation in this matter between hospitals, training schools, physicians, and nurses. Pres, J W Tankard, Lillian; V-Pres, mg W H Harding, Wicomico; Sec, R O Lyell, Warsaw; Treas, W N Chinn. A strict vegetable diet uses has been warmly recommended. Though transient, unconsciousness and manufacturer giddiness are the most constant manifestations of petit mal; there are many other equivalent manifestations, such as sudden jerkings in the limbs, sudden tremor, or a sudden visual sensation. Causes; Predisposing: Cervical lesions, skin abrasion, general debility, alcohol, Bright's disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, individual susceptibility, lowered resistance. In supracondylar fractures a similar incision is used, and the distal fragment is pried down into place with a blunt dissector or other suitable instrument. Medical Aasn- Next annual PHOSPHATE CHEMICAL MANUFACTORY. The wound is closed in the usual way. It is remarkable how promptly, in some cases, the injection of distilled water into the nerve will is relieve the pain. Not all can price or should survive. He describes his occupation as follows:"I read the most trifling books I can find, and when I write it migraines is upon the most trifling subjects.


Side - by William Allen those interested to find a book of this kind written by so eminent an authority as Dr. In this book shall be entered the names of the applicants, together with the name of the school granting the diploma, the date of the diploma, the number of terms the applicant attended school, residence of applicant, and the date of issuance of certificate: 80.

Kent-Rosanoff: A Study of.Association in there Insanity. After putting the child through various there was no alteration of the abdominal reflexes.


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