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cases where that organ has been extirpated. The appa
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In the class of cases under consideration I invariably
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teric artery contained a linn brownish yellow clot. There were many re
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In the arrangement of this work the object has been
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that races who live on a meat diet principally are supe
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When the diaphragm is paralyzed respiration is carried on by the inter
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ly the tumor may disappear altogether. The colon alwavs lies below the
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M. S. Take two teaspoonfuls in a little water after
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son Cheyne gives the following advice upon the meth
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of a bite the injured limb should be tightly bound above
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of the pubic symphysis so completely coaptatesthe parts
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Treatment. Many cases never come under treatment the first are
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drawn that when there is persistent hsematuria which
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the opinions of experts on this question are still discordant. Savage states
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child when it is due to digestive trouble. The condition
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Intellectual work especially should be judiciously limited and should alter
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tion in a case of hemiplegia believed to be due to subdural haemorrhage
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stinate affection lasting for months or even with slight remissions for
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which prove the rule are easily appreciated when we
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anything which disturbs the equilibrium of the nerve
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more frequently in males than in females. The common situation is in
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satisfied to leave it as it is. Tbirty cases with twenty
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cloudy and may ulcerate. It was formerly held that these symptoms only
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It was diphtheria that killed them in Montmorency and
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not only is the cancerous tissue destroyed but the heat
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illustrates this very well. Sugar is found intermittently in the urine of
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plains. Percussion may show slight increase in the transverse dulness. A
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importance in determining the presence of abscess. The odor is offensive
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be associated with emotional disturbances and with substernal pain. The
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The consensus of physiological and clinical testimony
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usually normal and the color may be high. Occasionally hyaline casts
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Our knowledge is not yet sufficiently advanced to classify satisfactorily
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tion is not necessarily associated with pressure on the recurrent laryn
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cocytes are usually much increased in one fatal case they numbered 115
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prepare a perfectly fresh egg so that an afflicted stom
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During the operation care is taken to check all haem
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The disease he says is of greater gravity than is gener
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erosions. Even in cases with the severest symptoms the joint may be
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gradually deepens until death. The body temperature is variable in a
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applications being made with cotton on a probe which
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subjects to vhich Sir Andrew Clark has called special attention and which
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dications in the treatment of sprains. 1 To provoke
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Treatment. Kvcry source of irritation should be removed. If as
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Xu remedies so far as known control directly the changes which are

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