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diagnosis of the peculiar intellectual and emotional condition of the patient

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the internal capsule where all the axis cylinder processes of this segment

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motor disturbances may be marked. The reflexes are lost at the level of

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tracted a severe cold and renewed inflammation of the

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may shock its mother and friends by constantly using the word damn

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Sensible perspiration is secreted by the sudoriparous

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danger in these cases of establishing the morphia habit. Doses of an

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Eustachian tubes. The two conditions frequently go together as expressed

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discussed at the last International Congress here too

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ably in the majority of these cases the intermittent pyrexia which has

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A patient has the right to refuse operative treatment

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of the prostatic portion of the urethra has been demon

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long time provided the treatment be repeated occasion

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below both the colon and the stomach. The relation of these two organs

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this he was enabled to cure himself when in the last

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