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diseases of the genitourinary system occurring at the

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matter in a state of very fine subdivision. Bacteria were

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infiltrated appearance almost identical with the similar structures on the

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aid. It seems his wife had little to say in the matter

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duction of heavy metal sounds and the cauterization of

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is phenergan safe to use when pregnant

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the patient should give up tobacco. Sexual excitement is particularly

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reality taken place. 2 In suppuration which is rarely seen apart from

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in caries than in malignant disease. The cervical form of pacliymeningitis

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states that he has always found that the opening in the

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teenth year 34. Arranged in hemidecades the figures are as follows From

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The worm is readily detected in the fivces. Infection probably takes

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Dujardin Beametz distinguishes two varieties of dila

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diameter to large masses occupying the entire abdomen. They are fre

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Special attention is necessary at puberty in both boys and girls. If

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pseudo membrane. The urine in the pelvis is cloudy and on examina

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scarlatinal post diphtherial and in post malarial as

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small wrinkles and folds and no sign of inflammation

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ance of restricted diet and exercise will often abort a

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stutterer s cramp a ballet dancer s cramp. Even in the

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tumor. The large growths fill the flank and gradually extend toward the

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these cases forming a fu cal pleura fistula. The pus may extend along

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in the Wiener medizinische Blatter of May 22 1890 is

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isting gonorrhoea. The same good result was noticed

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sclerosis may not disturb the symmetry of the convolution but simply cause

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the administration to the deceased of a little brandy

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is that reported recently by Troves who excised the greater part of the

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persons often without any definite cause. It may be that the sigmoid

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guished from erythema nodosum. The combination of wheals and purpura

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