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toms of diabetes and anomalous nervous symptoms. Post mortem the

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consisting of milk broths and a limited quantity of

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Uistention of the abdomen slight swelling and redness about the cord and

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cotic dose when the patient is coming out of the ether

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ependyma is usually clear sometimes a little thickened and granular and

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important which may form the renal sand the small solitary or the large

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may be less marked. Dilatation of the tube and hypertrophy of the walls

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and the effusion is rapidly absorbed. This effect is so

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has recently presented to the Societe de Medecine Le

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congenital. Her family had never spoken to her about

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material. In chronic obstruction the bile is replaced by a clear fluid mucus.

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blood. When unravelled in water they present a complete mould of a

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ble condemnation of the procedure. Yet the same issue

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The electrical reactions arc those of lesions of the lower motor seg

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become converted into connective tissue which unites the pericardial leaves

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longer and usually subsided gradually. The duration

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either shown by the previous history or existing at the

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echinococcus in which from the primary cysts buds develop which are cut

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of..Oriental plague in Russian dominions a flurry of

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Very severe laryngitis is excited by traumatism. either injuries from with

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who evidently fully appreciated the great importance of the condition.

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pale and livid the patient is in bed in a half upright

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chically blind and though he could see everything perfectly well and could


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the philosophy of substantialism on a firm basis. In

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possessor is insane. Furthermore if such nervous de

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other kidney may compensate for the defect. Hypertrophy of the left side

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from 2 to 8 grains of aristol. Pessaries contain 6 to 15

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mate 1.2000 and the introduction of pastilles of cocoa

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