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laxes his regimen. In some patients finally sugar re

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to prepare the stomach for the reception of food. The

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Various articles have appeared in the past year in the

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upon the processes of assimilation and resolution and

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surgeon in the determination of the ever and oft recur

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this solution before boiling especially if it be used for

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cure in many patients suffering from chronic diarrhoea

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some and distressing the disease is rarely serious and recovery usuallv

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pounds in flesh and with it her strength has returned.

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many causes among which the most important are 1 Failure of the

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ing and may also be employed in erysipelas and variola.

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co anatomical conditions either antecedent to associat

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would lead us a priori to ascribe to them great medic

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of Sappey of which important branches pass in the round and suspensory

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when they meet the indications and never despise the

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