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third. In performing amputations of the upper extrem

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vomiting and great distention of the abdomen may be present.

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lain out in inches upon the board that by the traction

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fore the American Medical Association and published

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insanity plea would displace all others. The man who

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who has previously been perfectly well is suddenly taken with the illness

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asylums those who have not committed any infraction

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fluence of shock on the treatment of cases etc. Illus

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ized trephining should be practised. An occasional saline purge will do

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in the water. For this reason it is not deeirable to put

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exposed sometimes for five minutes and only rarely does

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valids with constant pelvic and abdominal pains. They

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ciation between these conditions is urged on two grounds First the per

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London have been compelled to go through a course of

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produced heal with great rapidity unless the animals have been rendered

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kidneys and carrying with it excrementitious matter

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shortness of breath on exertion. This is one of the most constant features

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flexure and lower colon are in a condition of contraction and spasm while

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persons with poor digestion since they exclude more

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the cerebro spinal axis contained in the spinal canal. It

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life. The rapid action and disturbed rhythm of the heart present nothing

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has fought its way up to what must be the universal

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affection perverted lubrication of the larynx and es

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which I had tried in two cases of urethral caruncle. In

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latter case the position of the nucleus being entirely oc

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Creasote and cod liver oil can be introduced into gelatin

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Treatment. a Medical. If there is a suspicion of syphilis the

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tical branches of the different arteries than is usually admitted although

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practised and is sometimes of service. The patient takes a mouthful of

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School among the 90 000 doctors of the United States.

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of what large amounts of it are tolerated in certain

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was admitted under my care with jaundice of some months duration with

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and regular a left arm was brought down which had the

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of diffuse peritonitis from this cause. Eight were operated upon all died.

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which carries them off rapidly. The diarrhoeas of this

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total ignorance. The latest hypothesis according to

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ple in the case of the Faith Healers recently punished

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the belief that they had an internal aneurism. A systolic murmur may be

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tion in a case of hemiplegia believed to be due to subdural haemorrhage

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many difficulties incident to the work as well as against

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winch it exactly coincides. The solid blancoline is like

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Vaso motor form rare. Agoniz Yaso motor form common. Pain

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as it has been repeatedly shown experimentally that acetone when admin

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sickness of the negroes lie is also inclined to regard the Filaria perslans

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of the stomach and usually ulcerate early. The tumor may form villous

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Quincke s case atrophy of the arm followed the development of a glioma

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and hysteria prevail are more liable to full victims to the disease.

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The author considers the introduction of axis traction

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trophied. There are instances in which the bowel is contracted. Fre

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coughing or deep inspiration there may be what Lacnnec termed the

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spores it was incapable of killing. On the bacillus of

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rectomy became ne cessary to arrest fatal haemorrhage.

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nothing she her friends or her physician could do for

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the mucous membrane of the nose which I will now de

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many times as great. Too often their main nutrient

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affected is large and thick and forms an elongated tumor with a curved

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this combination would be of value in the preparation

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opportunity to try this therapeutic means but do not

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Medical Society describing the organism which is sup

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rant a successful operation or insure a cure but if he

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in the body in the submucosa of the bowel in polypoid excrescences in

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The urine may be voided clear and subsequently on exposure to the air

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termine upon what condition the tinnitus depends. The relief of con

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all other means for controlling the haemorrhage. He

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