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tufts and then involves the afferent and efferent vessels and the straight
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In embolism the patient is usually the subject of heart trouble or there
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reaches the walls of the pharynx. If there is a febrile
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commence to tremble all over they complain of compression of the thorax
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On the first day of the present month I placed the pa
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is stated that iodoform given in pill form does not dis
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Definite portions of mucosa shreds of connective tissue and even bits of
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foot bath. Paroxysmal hsemoglobinuria has been found too in persons
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rupted menstruation. The instances are well authenticated. Flint men
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Naegel says that 70 out of every 100 vertex presenta
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present nothing peculiar and are identical with those which occur under
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immoderately it produces considerable nervous irrita
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history of chronic alcoholism and results from the long continued action
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Removal of a bullet from the ear with the assistance of the
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and it is sometimes multiple. Projecting backward it erodes the vertebra
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occurred apparently as the result of suspension in two
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ulae may appear and the upper limbs may show changes. These are rarely

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