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sufficiently discussed. Remaining with the patient as

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all cases it does occur. The walls of the ventricles become hypertrophied

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sun and other poetic metaphors useless as music which

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The new formed tissue in the endophlebitis may undergo hyaline degenera

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observer s sense of smell to be recognized once this is

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placed by a pavement epithelium. The muscular layer is stretched atro

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of age the chief causes of which were otitis media and trauma.

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tracted no attention and we have met with no publica 1

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Hypertrophy and dilatation of the right auricle are met with associ

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also Against its Legal and Moral Doctrine as Expressed

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tient over a vessel of steaming hot water. I rarely have

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rupted and blurred. Writing becomes difficult on account of unsteadi

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possess. In order to be wholesome it should be thor

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and in rare instances of the muscles of the mouth. The movements are

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calculi and as to our reward we hope to reap that in

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the movements of the child and on examination certain muscles or groups

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may therefore act as nutriments or may exercise a cura

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or urines of low specific gravity the haemoglobin is rapidly dissolved from

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cases than with a normal implantation of the placenta.

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Physical Signs. In almost all instances tumor is present. When

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no case to be relied on where direct and positive evi

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be light and no medicine other than some placebo should be administered

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and different forms have been recognized. Tin. commonest according to

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as devolving upon them to instruct the lady how to con

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says that at a meeting of the County Medical and Sur

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the extent of about 200 cases. It was excited by the

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of scarlatinal nephritis in which the dropsy of the extremities is trivial and

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patient another form another patient. Nitre paper made with a strong

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movements the patient may turn round rapidly or run with great speed

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thin and watery subsequently it becomes thick and turbid. Paroxysmal

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warnings from various quarters the injurious practice

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diabetes malaria tuberculosis and heart disease. The cirrhosis from ma

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is lax in some of its provisions and leaves loopholes

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due to a dilated left auricle has not been determined. I have sometimes

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large quantity of urine or great depression of spirits. Xocturnal attacks

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Asiatic cholera samples taken 24 hours after the addi

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nor is it found in the normal blood nor in any other

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They both h d the influence of riding and driving in

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diminished gradually until the last of December when

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to refill and was rapidly distended again to its former dimensions.

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ly purities the system. Unless this treatment has been

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order of things. The same may be said of the ureters

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be placed round the circumference. In the meningitis serosa Quiucke ad

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becomes husky and ineffectual. Of the symptoms of laryngeal tuberculo

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peripheral nerves. In this way the different parts of the central nervous

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HfiBinorrhagic Pleurisy. A bloody effusion is met with under the fol

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cal reasons. He considers that internal haemorrhoids

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tion which ages ago spread itself over Central Africa.

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deposited in them and thus form little enteroliths.

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would remove the cause it is not always practicable for

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Ointments and oleates especially in diseases of the skin

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The diagnosis is extremely uncertain and no single feature is in any

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Read before the American Medical Association Section of Surgery

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ble that quantity. According to Dr. Delbosc cocaine

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it is essentially a practical work giving in a concise

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furcata. The microscope revealed the tumor to be con

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tion with suitable food arc points by which the diagnosis can be readily

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